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6 Must-Have Bachelorette Party Essentials


Plan an unforgettable send-off that properly celebrates the end of your best friend's single life with our recommended bachelorette party must-haves.

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 Bachelorette Banner by ElegantEvee
1. Invitations
Invitation by PrettyMyParty
As with any party, invitations set the tone. Whether it's wild and sparkly or vintage chic, find the perfect invitation to give guests a preview of the bachelorette theme via some of our favorite stationary sites: Wedding Paper Divas & Invitation Consultants. Also check out for custom and DIY options!
2. Dress the Part
Bride, Bridesbabe® & Babe of Honor® bridal apparel exclusively sold at Bridal Babe Boutique
A bachelorette party is not complete without the oh-so-important bachelorette tanks or tees! Sweet and innocent not exactly the theme you have in mind for the Bride's last fling before the ring? We've got a unique line of bridal apparel that is sure to let everyone know when your entourage has arrived! Bridal Babe Boutique's apparel offers women a fresh, fun and sexy alternative to the old fashioned (we're talking centuries old) titles "Bridesmaid" & "Maid of Honor".

3. Planned Activities
What better way to guarantee pictures for the scrapbook than to plan a few bachelorette party activities? Whether the bride is more reserved or downright wild, there are tons of great games and ideas that can be spiced up or toned down. Let the good times roll! Here are just two of our favorites:
 Suck-For-A-Buck Bouquet
 Bouquet shown by CharmiosCraftParty
The suck-for-a-buck accessory has come to life in the form of candy necklaces, t-shirts and sashes. This classic bachelorette party stunt requires enlisting random willing males to remove the candies from the bride's necklace, shirt or sash...with their teeth. The charge:$1 per bite.
Like the idea, but need something a little tamer? Pick up a suck-for-a-buck bouquet instead. A more innocent alternative, offering the same fun...and proceeds towards the bar tab of course!
 Bachelorette Party Dare Cards
 Bachelorette Dare Cards by InklingsPaperie
The ultimate must have bachelorette party activity is a pre-planned game of truth or dare or similarly a custom scavenger hunt. Put together an assortment of hilarious dares, outrageous antics, and hysterical activities designed to create lasting memories. Depending on how wild or tame the bride may be, some of your dares may include scoring loot such as a pair of boxer shorts, serenading an unsuspecting stranger, dancing on a table, or prank-calling an ex-boyfriend. Not the creative type? Check out for ready-to-go sets of dare cards like these from InklingsPaperie.

4. Lingerie on Display
 Image via Ruffled Blog
Lingerie Bouquet by Martha Stewart  
Add a touch of love and lace to the bachelorette party with a selection of sexy lingerie for the bride-to-be. Not only does it make a great gift, but also doubles as a super cute decoration! Use clothespins to hang some pieces on a make-shift clothing line, create a lingerie bouquet or purchase panty cupcakes.
5. Goodies & Supplies
You can find bachelorette party goodies and supplies for literally every theme, budget and taste. Here are a few of our picks (don't worry - we spared you the penis straws, whistles and hats): 
Bachelorette Lingerie Sugar Cookies by StephanieJSCreations

Bachelorette Survival Kit Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag by JennifersCookies
 Glitter Champagne Tutorial by I Wore Yoga Pants to Work 
 Boas and Feathers 
  Personalized Wine Glass Charms by Kraze4Paper
Hand Painted 3-D Bachelorette Wine Glasses by PalleteArtWorks

Personalized Cupcake Boxes Chevron Design by thefavorbox
6. Build a Book of Memories
Bachelorette Mini Album by Hampshire Rose
When the party is over, the energy and excitement of the night will be reduced to only a few fuzzy memories, so don't let a single minute of the evening's debauchery go undocumented. Relive the night and memories by creating a group scrapbook. We recommend purchasing a scrapbook with removable pages like this one from HampshireRose. Mail a blank page to each bachelorette party guest to decorate with photos, quotes and mementos. The final product would make a great post-bachelorette party gift!
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